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We found out about this company from listening to a podcast hosted by BeverlyD.  The podcast featured, Baba Kentu of Djedi Institute of Learning. We love his passion for researching and sharing his knowledge about learning and the education system.  If you are an educator, or have children in the education system, you should check out his website and social media sites. Keep reading to learn more about this business and a collaboration that we did together!

Owner:  Kentu Mitchell

Business started:  2015

Home base:  Pomona, California

University Alum:  Chapman University

What is the “Djedi Institute of Learning”?

The Djed Institute of Learning is a progressive educational service provider which aims to resurrect and stabilize communities through superior education.

What is the story behind the name “Djedi Learning”?

The Djed Pillar is an ancient African symbol which represents stability, durability, and resurrection. We believe that institution building is a way to enhance any community as it supports the goals, customs, and advancement of the people. And finally, we believe anyone can learn to learn. Our name represents what we aim to do as an institute of learning with our cutting-edge and culturally-responsive educational practices.

What is your “why”?

We do this because the education of a people should be liberating and up-lifting. It allows them to adapt to any environment while also maintaining a solid sense of community, family, and home. By combining the latest learning technologies with wisdom of the ancestors, we can provide an educational experience that is both liberating and up-lifting.

The picture above is a product that the Djedi Institute of Learning offers.  Cushite-Kemetic (Ethiopia-Egypt) Timeline Mini-Scroll (White). The Timeline Mini-Scroll Banner is a sturdy and essential tool for identifying important events which occurred during the development of civilization.  It covers the geographic areas currently known as Ethiopia and Egypt during the time periods from the Pre-Dynastic Age (4236 B.C.E) to the Late Kingdom (690 B.C.E).  Great starting point for teaching African history

So…check out their website and IG for more info!


IG:  @djedilearning

FB:  Djed Learning

YouTube:  Djedi Learning

Universal Sankofa x Djedi Institute of Learning

Check out this informative video called “Staying Afloat During School Attacks”.  This video is great for anyone with loved ones who attend school. Some of the topics discussed by Baba Kentu include patterns of school shootings and how to protect yourself.

The other cool thing about this video is that Baba Kentu does an unboxing of one of our products.  If you have ever ordered multiple products from us, you know that the unboxing experience can be different based on what you order and how much you order.  This unboxing experience will show the experience of ordering a shirt from us.

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