Universal Sankofa is a husband and wife team striving to provide our community with quality products made with love. 

Our symbol is the Infinity symbol infused with the Sankofa heart symbol. The universe is infinite. Sankofa is a word in the Twi language that means to “go back and get it”. The overall essence of Universal Sankofa is to go back to your roots, not just the physical, but your ethereal essence, the source, your true self.  

We first experimented with making our own shirts back in 2009. We went to Walmart, bought some heat transfer paper for our colored printer. We printed out an image, and ironed it on to some shirts. Now here we are professionally making shirts and spreading positive messages around the world.

Our body care quest started back in 2010, we wanted an all natural product to use on our skin and our hair. We did some research and “Sheango” was born!  

We stopped production for a while due to various reasons. Due to demand and us being ready to fulfill our calling, we have started making Sheango again and we plan to keep it going!  

Along with Sheango, we also offer an all natural hair growth oil (Oshun), an all natural beard oil (Ogun), and provide you with some awesome fashion gear and accessories. 

Be on the lookout for more new products!

We appreciate your love and support!

What People Say

“Great Product with amazing people. I love everything this brand stands for and how their products look on me. I will buy again”!

Shayla Pellerin

“Excellent quality and fast service!!! I ordered a few shirts for my business (@jinkajunkie on IG) and all within a few questions and 1 day, I had my shirts!! I will definitely work with them again and highly recommend them”!!

Jinka Junkie

“Super professional!! I’ve purchased several shirts and they are such great quality. Color doesn’t fade or shrink and designs don’t peel”!!

Kayo Yaya

Expand your Universe.

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