The Black Dollar Bank

We found out about this company from our friends of Black Coffee Co.!  When we visited the IG and website of The Black Dollar Bank, we knew we had to be apart of this movement.  Read below to meet the owner of this dope business, see what the black dollar is all about and see some of our black dollars!.

How does the Black Dollar Bank work?

Below is the letter that we gave people when they recieved a black dollar from our company.  Hopefully this helps you understand how The Black Dollar Bank works.

Congratulations on receiving a black dollar!

What is a black dollar?

“The Black Dollar” is symbol of black wealth.  Black businesses can join “the Black Dollar Bank” as either a collector or a distributor of “The Black Dollar”.  Businesses will offer a deal for customers to either receive a black dollar or a deal for customers to spend black dollars.

You received this black dollar because we (Universal Sankofa) are currently a distributor of black dollars and we are giving them to customers who spend $20 or more.   

The purpose of “The Black Dollar” is to also spread awareness of other black businesses.  “The Black Dollar” that you received has the name of another black business. Hopefully as these “Black Dollars” are circulated, our community will be introduced to black businesses that can provide a service or goods for our needs. 

What do I do with the black dollar?

Don’t throw it away!  Keep it and turn it in to a black business that is collecting Black Dollars.  For example, we will eventually become a collector and offer a deal if you spend a black dollar with us (ex:  Turn in a black dollar to Universal Sankofa and get 33% off your total purchase).

Where can I find more info?

IG: @theblackdollarbank

FB: The Black Dollar Bank

Spread the word!

Let’s circulate these black dollars and help spread the awareness of other black businesses.  If you are a black business owner, join the movement! If you know a black business owner, tell them about it!

The Black Dollar Bank

The Black Dollar for our business: Universal Sanofa
More Black Dollars
Nipsey Hussle Black Dollar
The Black Wealth Plaque

So…check out their IG and FB for more info!

IG: @theblackdollarbank

FB: The Black Dollar Bank

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