Tierra’s Community Multi-Services, LLC

We met the owner of this business from being a part of the group “Unity is Wealth”.  She has always inspired us because she has so much love for the community, she gives back so much, has a lot of projects on her plate, and persevere’s through any challenge put before her.  Read below to meet Tierra White the owner of “Tierra’s Community Multi-Services, LLC”, and see what all she has to offer!

Name of Business: Tierra’s Community Multi-Services, LLC

Owner: Tierra White

Year Started: 2018

Home Base: Houston, Tx

University Alum: Prairie View A&M University (Masters in Community Development and Bachelors in CRJS)

Multi-Services most definitely fits you.  Explain to the readers what all you do.

Community Multi Services, LLC is a consensus organizing alliance that focuses on identifying weaknesses within under-resourced communities while working to make an impact through projects and programming. 

What is your why?

My mission statement is: “Building the Community from its People and Up”. To better under-resourced communities and the residents who live within it. To focus on the people within the communities and work to adhere to the complex issues that need attention. All while understanding that the community is nothing without its people. Helping is my ministry !!!!

You wrote an inspiring book called “I Went Through All That For What?”.  What is one valuable lesson you want readers to take away from your book?

A valuable lesson that I want people to take away from my book “I Went Through All That For What” is to take hold of life and ride it out! I had to understand that life is mentally driven and that life is what you make it….LITERALLY!! We can’t allow generational chains to hold us down…yet we must understand the reason for the generational chains in order to break them. Lastly, always look within for self-love and self-validation that way all the other things that come your way as confirmations are EXTRA! 

Universal Sankofa x Tierra’s Community Multi-Services

So…check out her FB and IG for more info!

FB:  https://www.facebook.com/communityishustle/

IG:  https://www.instagram.com/multiservices_4_purpose/

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