Wake/Up Apparel

WAKE UP!!!!  These are the words that open one of our favorite movies, “Do The Right Thing” by Spike Lee.  We are currently living in the age of information and it’s time to wake up! You woke? If so, the messages that this black business provides are for you!  Read below to meet the owner of this dope business and see some of our purchases.

Owner: Chris Burrell

Year started: 2018

Home base: Houston

University alum: Lamar University

What’s the story behind the company name? 

It’s funny that we have became known as Wake Up HOU, but the actual name is Wake/Up Apparel. I came up with the name because so many people are so adamant about being “woke” but I feel like its a constant struggle to stay woke. One has to continue to wake up.  Growth has to continue.  

What is your “why”? 

As simple as it might sound, my “why” with this, as well as in life is…because I felt like it. I’ve never been one to follow, or conform. 

What is favorite and least favorite thing about being an entrepreneur? 

My favorite is the independence to do what you want and be responsible for your own well being. My least favorite is being responsible for handling everything when things don’t go your way!

Universal Sankofa x Wakeup HOU

This is Stacey sippin’ from a Wakeup HOU mug and wearing a Universal Sankofa shirt.  Ain’t nothing like being “Melanated and Motivated” and “Melanated and Educated”.

Chris is a pretty dope graphic artist so we couldn’t pass up this print of the late and great Nipsey Hussle.  We found this print a great home in our office, now we need to spend some coins and get it properly framed!

So…go ahead and check out this dope business and the other items they have to offer.

Website: wakeuphou.com

IG: @wakeuphou

FB: Wake/Up Apparel

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