Live Good Gang

Life is Good!  This is why we love the meaning behind this business we introduce to you today called, “Live Good Gang”, aka, LGG.  We were introduced to this brand because the owner is a member of “Unity is Wealth” with us. We love this brand because of the positive messages that are embodied on their apparel.  So….keep on reading to learn more about this dope brand, the owner and the purchase we have made from this company.

Owner of LGG: Creighton Dekine (pictured below)

Year Business Started: 2013

College Alum: Middle Georgia State & University alumni, East Georgia  College alumni and Georgia Southern University dropout lol

What is the story behind the business name?

When I started doing music, I wanted to rap and start my own label but I wanted to have the label built on positivity because I could see the negative relativity uprising in rap music. so I gained the idea of Live Good Gang. Once I made the logo and wore my first shirt it, I figured I could make LGG  a brand name, and so, that’s what I started and continue to strive for.

If you had a magic stick, what are 3 things you would change in the world?

Economic education  for poor people, organic food consumption increased, and self love increased.

Favorite Quote

Stand for something or fall for anything.

Universal Sankofa x Live Good Gang

The purchase we made from this company is this fly ass hat with their logo.  Below is an image of the hat and of both us wearing the hat paired with one of our tshirt designs.  

When you get some time, check them out and patronize a black business with a dope message!


IG: @livegoodgang

FB: Live Good Gang

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