Since we are all time traveling, what better thing to have on your wrist than a timepiece?  Better yet, a timepiece from a dope ass black owned business! Below you will get a chance to meet Dr. McCoy, the owner of NCMPRBL, and learn about some of our purchases from this business.

Owner: Dr. Mario McCoy

Year started: 2019

Home base: Houston

University alum: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and University of Southern California

What’s the story behind the business name? 

It’s different tiers behind it….boxes that had to be checked if you will, First, was being cognizant of who and where our niche demographic is. Coming up with a name that exudes a feeling and a look, while being inspired by creativity and authenticity was paramount. The word “incomparable” embodies that feeling and a look. No matter what life brings you, you have the choice to wake up everyday and feel incomparable. But I knew in my heart of hearts, the word itself was entirely too long. So the next step was phonetics… take out the vowels and make sure it can be pronounced the same. There lies NCMPRBL. Perfect length, has its own identity, resonates with our demographic, and a conversation starter amongst our consumers. As a rapper, I used to always be drawn to the word, said it in songs long before the brand’s birth, so it further confirmed that it was the right move.

Who or what inspired you to start a black owned watch company?  

A few things. I’ve had a love for watches since I was maybe 5-6 years. I’m about to date myself horribly…My mom used to get me the teenage mutant ninja terrible joints with the Raphael pop up face on it. I wore it until it broke. A plastic watch was my first. Then it was the Michael Jordan quartz watch with the ball that acted as the second dial. The dial was his infamous slam dunk with the gold ropes on his neck and the Jordan 1’s. I always told my mom pre-internet, that I was going to start a watch company and dedicate a watch to her. She thought it was cute, but I held it close to the vest until the opportunity presented itself.  I say opportunity because again as a hip-hop artist, and just growing up in the inner-city, your watch was your statement. Sure your shoes and clothes mattered, but I saw that we as black millennials have slim representation of us and what our culture looks like in the jewelry and watch sector of business. We spend upwards of $60 million a year alone in this field. So in knowing the figures, seeing an opportunity to be one of the faces to represent us, and develop a reputable brand that individuals of our culture and beyond can align their lifestyles with, became a priority.

 What is your favorite book?  Why? 

Great question, It recently became the art and science and respect by J. Prince. I am very honorable and morally driven being. Trust, honor, respect, loyalty, growth and knowledge are pillars for me. I’m always on a quest for growth because honestly I used to care about what people thought about me too much. But respect is never stagnant, its fluid. It moves where and how you move. You can have a high amount of notoriety, but if you don’t show respect, that karma will come back to you. That’s a culture that we keep at NCMPRBL. No one person, even me, is bigger than the brand. I thank y’all for having me. 

IG: @bencmprbl



Sankofa is the owner of this exquisite watch named “Sphinx”.  The black and gold is such a classic look, and definitely makes you feel like a King!  The watches of NCMPRBL ware designed with stainless steel, they are water resistant and made to advance your wrist with attention to detail and quality.


Stacey is the owner of this beautiful bracelet named “Amber Chakra”.  This bracelet is double roped with the tigers eye stone (brown) and lava stone (black).  This bracelet was not chosen by Stacey for just aesthetic looks, both of these stones speak to Stacey for their healing properties.

Lava stone is a grounding stone that enhances creativity and communication, cleanses negativity and strengthens one connection to Mother Earth.  It provides understanding, guidance, courage, strength and stability through times of change. Lava stone is also a wonderful essential oil diffuser.  You can add a few drops of essential oil and enjoy the therapeutic benefits.

Tigers eye is also a grounding stone.  It is a stone of protection that brings personal empowerment, grace, integrity, courage and power.  The wearer also has the power to think clearly, focus the mind, uncloud emotions and think objectively.

We both love our purchases from this company and look forward to adding more pieces to our collection.  Go ahead and check out the NCMPRBL website and advance your wrist.

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