Houston Screwston Love

This post is dedicated to the patches that we have created to celebrate Houston, Texas.

We weren’t born and raised in Houston, Tx, but Houston has shown us mad love since we have lived here. Sankofa is from New Orleans, Louisiana and Stacey is from San Antonio, Texas. Stacey moved to the Houston area in 2004 and Sankofa moved here in 2006. Sankofa & Stacey met in 2007, married in 2008 and have built a life and business of love. Although they decided to buy a home in Rosenberg, they are always finding reasons to be in the city limits of Houston.

Check out the patches below and some popular Houston locations. Our patches can be purchased on our Etsy website: www.etsy.com/shop/UniversalSankofa

Houston Texas Patch

H town – Reliant Stadium

713 Patch

713 – Astrodome & Reliant Stadium

Houston Patch

Houston – Graffiti Wall

832 Patch

832 – Graffiti Wall

Double Cup Lean Patch

Double Cup Lean – Graffiti Wall

Houston Patch

Houston – Toyota Center

Astros Patch

Astros – Minute Maid
Astros – Space City – Minute Maid

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