We met the owner of this business while vending at the BLCK Market in Houston, Texas. We were impressed with the quality of his presentation, packaging and timeless and classic pieces of jewelry. Keep reading to learn more about ROHO WEAR and Nino, the owner of this black owned business.

Owner: Nino

Year started: 2018

Home base: Houston, Tx

University Alum: LSU

Let everyone know what your business offers.

We offer Contemporary African inspired accessories

Explain the meaning behind the name “Roho Wear”.  

ROHO, directly translated from Swahili, means Spirit. In addition, different iterations of the word Roho also translate to spirit/soul in several other African languages. As children of African, we carry the spirit of Africa everywhere we go and in all that we do.    

What is your “why”?

ROHO WEAR was started as a brand that encourages Africa’s cultural ambassadors in this diaspora to represent their heritage in a simple, yet bold manner. We aim to make it as easy as possible to spread African culture to the world while representing our roots #REPROOTS.


Stacey is the owner of these dope Africa stud earrings from ROHO WEAR. They are so bold, simple and elegant.

The images above show ROHO WEAR’s earrings and jewelry box. The pyramids are Shungite and Orgone Pyramids made by Sankofa of Universal Sankofa.

We hope you take the time to visit the social media and website of ROHO WEAR and purchase a piece so that you can Rep your Roots and carry the spirit of Africa with you.




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