What does Universal Sankofa mean?

So…If you read our last blog post you should now know what “Sankofa” means.  If not, go back and read the previous blog post called “What is Sankofa”.

Now let’s get into the meaning of our business name “Universal Sankofa”.  Our business name and logo has multiple layers to it, some more complex than others.  

Layer 1 of the business name

Every element found in the human body is also found in stardust.  The building blocks of everything here on Earth can be found in star dust all across the universe.  The building blocks of humans, animals, plants, rocks, water, our food, even the electronic device you are reading this blog on.  It is not a far fetch to believe that we are part of something way bigger. So, when we say Universal Sankofa, it’s not just about going back to your African roots, it’s about going back to your Universal roots.  It is important to know that we are connected to the Universe and be in tune with the Universe as a whole, as one.

Layer 2 of the business name 

This one is pretty simple. It’s a combination of the nicknames of the owners.  As you know from reading the previous blog, Sankofa is not a birth name, it is a name that was adopted from a calling and connection to the principle of Sankofa.  

There are a group of friends and family who call Stacey “Uni”.  She was given this name by a friend who said she was very unique and had universal thoughts.  Uni is the Universal part of Universal Sankofa.

Essentially the business name also represents both of our names.

Layer 1 of the logo

As we know the Universe is infinite, we don’t know where it begins or where it ends.  Therefore, we chose to use the infinity symbol to represent the “Universal” part of the name.  The heart symbol is the adinkra symbol for Sankofa.

Layer 2 of the logo

The logo can also be interpreted as “Eternal Love”.  

So, there you have it.  Our business name and logo is not one dimensional.  It is something with meaning, thoughts and intentions behind it.

We hope this gives you a deeper understanding of who we are and what we stand for as a brand.

~Love is infinite

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