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Hey world!  It’s the Universal Sankofa husband and wife team, Sankofa & Stacey.  This is going to be our first real attempt at blogging. Way back around 2012, Stacey attempted to blog about vegan cooking and gardening.  I think she attempted maybe 6 posts at the most and let if fall to the wayside. We are back, and we are here to share our experiences of being black, married, and in business together!  We hope you enjoy this journey with us! We will be sprinkling content around all of the platforms we are on (Facebook Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and here)!

Why Blogging?

“If you learn, teach. If you get, give.”

Maya Angelou

We have decided to blog to share our experiences and the things we have learned over the years.  We love the quote by Maya Angelou that says, “If you learn, teach. If you get, give.” This blog will be our way of giving back and teaching others.  We are both world learners, we love learning and believe in a holistic approach to learning. We are open minded to all walks of life and spiritual understanding.  We love to take what speaks to us most and live our lives accordingly. On this blog you will see discussions about current events, topics and issues in the black community, discussions about marriage, discussions about running a black owned business, our experiences and love for supporting other black owned businesses, and much more!

How often?

We are not going to commit to a set schedule with posting new blogs.  We both have full time jobs, have hobbies to keep us in shape and well, and running our business.  We promise not to keep you all waiting too long. We have plans on posting content for the blog several times a month, just not on a set schedule.

Who should read?

We are writing and speaking to our brothers and sisters of the African diaspora.  Living in America and being black is not easy. We are here to discuss the ways we navigate through this jungle and keep ourselves healthy and well, while supporting and uplifting others who are in this struggle with us.

What now?

We encourage you to be involved as little or as much as you feel comfortable with.  Comment on our posts! We would love to engage with you. We are open and encourage comments that both agree and disagree with our point of views.  This is a place for open and healthy discussion. Feel free to email us if you have any questions, suggestions, complaints or want to be featured on our blog. 

We are excited about this new journey and look forward to sharing our stories with you!    Make sure to subscribe to the blog so you can get updates when new posts are made!

Love is infinite…

~Universal Sankofa

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